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Cap City Trivia
Championship Qualifying Info

We will hosting our first ever Cap City Trivia Championship in September. The following are the rules for qualifying:


Qualifying period will be from July 22nd - September 20th

Max 6 players per team. If someone is seated/standing with you during trivia, they count towards your number of players. Teams with more than 6 players are not eligible to receive tournament points.

Each trivia will be scored as follows
First Place - 10
Second Place - 7
Third Place -  4

Any score/place discrepancy must be taken care of before the next trivia by emailing, or DMing us @capcitytrivia

Trivia locations with an average of less than 10 teams will have one qualifier for the final. Locations with ten or more teams will be eligible for a wildcard qualifier. This will be noted on tournament rankings page.


Specialty Trivia will not count toward scoring.

Standings will be posted weekly at our website

You may only qualify at one location.

Only standard trivia games will be eligible for the final; specialty trivia are not eligible.

All teams are still eligible for the weekly trivia prize as per usual.

The Final will be held at Rock Bottom in Bethesda, MD, on Saturday October 5th. If you qualify and are unable to attend, please notify us so we can notify your replacements.

You must provide an email to your host to track points. While it is easier to just use the same team name, as long as you notify your host of your name changes, then we can track your points.


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