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Frequently Asked

What does it cost to play?

Trivia is free to play!

Where is trivia?

We have trivia in multiple locations in the greater Washington DC Area. Click here to find your nearest location!

What is the prize at trivia?

Prizes depend on the location, but are usually bar tabs, gift cards, or free drinks

How do the teams work

No sign-up is necessary! You show up with yourself and or your team and you can play. Size limits for teams is at the discretion of the host. Generally, we like to keep teams at 6 players and below.

What if I think someone is cheating?

While we believe in the honors system, we do take cheating very seriously. If you suspect someone is cheating, inform your host and they will do the necessary steps to stop it. We always give a whole trivia warning, but failure to comply can result in disqualification from trivia and/or prizes.

Who do we contact for questions?

For any and all questions relating to trivia, including questions corrections, please email

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