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Cap City Trivia

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Our Bread and Butter

We built our brand on our weekly trivia games. Our game is designed to last between two and two-and-half hours, with a mix of open-ended questions, "closest to the pin" questions, and puzzles. We also incorporate contextual clues to help teams arrive at the right answer. Everything from category clues, unique musical clues, to hints given by the host on the spot. Our goal is to make your trivia competitive for everyone, not just the trivia nerds. 


A One Time Event

Sometimes weekly trivia isn't the best fit for your location, but you're still looking for an injection of adrenaline and excitement into your normal offerings. With our specialty trivias, we partner with you to bring a trivia catered to your audience. We have prepared themed trivias, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Beer Geek Trivia, or we can make something new just for you!

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Looklng for a location to play at or want to bring trivia night to your bar/restaurant? Contact us at

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